Kronospan Scholarship

About the project

The Kronospan Scholarship succeeded at providing the best educational opportunity for the younger generations by partnering up with Babson College, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the United States of America. The scholarship offered by the Kronospan Foundation gave to 8 valued young people the opportunity to study at one of the US Top 20 Business Programs and the best school for entrepreneurship and it covered all costs related to course attendance. Moreover, the beneficiaries of the scholarships had the chance to participate in internships at Kronospan throughout their years of study, positioning them to take on a leading position of employment within the company in the future.


The Kronospan Foundation’s initiative to be an active supporter of education was motivated by understanding and believing that younger generations represent the leaders of the future. The scholarship granted access to a top-flight business education at Babson College from Massachusetts, USA, which meant not only a high level of education, but also the opportunity to travel and live overseas while amassing an enriching international experience. Their experience at Babson College changed not only the prospect of their lives, but it contributed to improving the local communities by setting an example for other companies and by inspiring the young generation to focus more on education.

The 8 beneficiaries of the Kronospan Scholarship


Class of 2023

Home Country: Romania

Martina Garabedian

Class of 2022

Home Country: Bulgaria


Class of 2021

Home Country: Ukraine

Daniel Gasperowicz

Class of 2020

Home Country: Poland

Péter Pham

Class of 2019

Home Country: Hungary

Lizaveta Litvinava

Class of 2018

Home Country: Belarus

Kamil Altintaşoğlu

Class of 2017

Home Country: Romania

Claudia Ogrezeanu

Class of 2016

Home Country: Romania