Our story

Mission, Vision & Values

The Kronospan Foundation was founded in 2011 by the global wood-based panel manufacturer Kronospan. Our mission, vision and values are rooted in the core principles of the company, focusing on reinvesting resources into local communities and promoting sustainable development.

“Our MISSION is to actively serve the people and the communities Kronospan operates in by engaging in projects that promote social, economic and cultural development. In doing this, we want to place a special focus on what we believe are moral foundations of a healthy society – the protection and preservation of our natural environment as well as providing children with the necessary educational opportunities in order to be successful in life.”


The work of the Kronospan Foundation is imbued with our core values of respect, excellence, and integrity.

The work of the Kronospan Foundation is imbued with our core values

We believe that all people have the inherent ability to make a change in their lives and in their communities. Instead of imposing solutions on individuals, we support communities and people in the positive ways they want to develop in. We RESPECT collective interests, strengths and local cultures at all times. 

Every day and every step of each project we strive for EXCELLENCE in what we do. For us this is the only way to work, because in the end we envision results that are sustainable and make an impact.

INTEGRITY is the glue to our mission, our vision and our values. We value the integrity of all of our actions and we believe it is essential to our work.

We thank all our partners, donors & sponsors!