April 2016

Letter from our President


As we launch into another exciting year at the Kronospan Foundation, I would like to take some time to celebrate yet another year of giving back. Together with the generous support of our donors we were able to make a positive and life-changing impact on the organizations and people featured in this report.

In the past four years, together we have made a difference to the life of Claudia Ogrezeanu from Romania. Through the support of the Kronospan Foundation, Claudia has been able to receive a world class education at Babson College (Massachusetts, USA), completing her studies with a Bachelor’s Degree in May 2016. The first Kronospan scholar to graduate, Claudia will earn a BSc in Business Administration with a concentration in Business Analytics and International Business receiving awards for excellence in both of her specialties. After her graduation, a plethora of opportunities lie ahead of her. Claudia’s dream to live and work in France in a competitive and challenging environment will become true when she starts her professional career at Kronospan France this summer.

Together we also made an impact on Kamil Altıntaşoğlu, Lizaveta Litvinava and Hai Péter Pham, three motivated, talented, young individuals from Eastern Europe. All of them have embarked on their journey to become business leaders in their own right at Babson College. Becoming Kronospan scholars has not only allowed them to dream of a bright future, but they will also get all necessary tools to realize those dreams. As Lisa puts it: “I am now convinced that my life is in my own hands, that I am the only creator of my future. I choose to have an impact, become a leader and with that I also want to impact others.” In September 2016 our latest Kronospan scholar Daniel Gasperowicz from Poland will be joining our three hopefuls at Babson and we are excited to start his journey together with him. On the following pages I would like to share with you what an impact you have really had on our current four Kronospan scholars and how you have changed their lives for the better, giving them opportunities they might have never imagined.a

In 2015, we at the Kronospan Foundation dedicated a large part of our energy and resources towards initiating new projects in supporting educational opportunities across Central and Eastern Europe. While our commitment to Babson is based on finding the next generation of business leaders and supporting young, commercial minds, we also place great value on the importance of a technical education for our youth. In the wood-processing sector specialized talent is sought after more than ever, providing an overabundance of training and job opportunities upon completion of technical studies in this field.

To promote this opportunity to students the Kronospan Foundation has establish partnerships with Koszalin Technical University in Poland as well as the Secondary Vocational School of Wood Processing in Zvolen, Slovakia. In both countries the educational institutions will work closely with local Kronospan plants to provide facilities to learn and practice as well as a place to gain professional experience through internships. What is more, there will be scholarships offered for talented students in Koszalin, while in Zvolen the full class enrolling in 2016 will be entirely sponsored for the next four years by the Kronospan Foundation, even giving cash rewards to those students who excel in their conduct and their grades.

Besides our commitment to educational development, I also want to highlight our engagement to promoting environmental sustainability. 2015 saw us invest into the Tampa Mountain Sanctuary in Brasov, Romania. The Tampa Mountain natural reserve consists of an area of 214 hectares, where, through support of general funds from our 2% Campaign as well as helping hands from over 100 volunteers we were able to install new trails, benches and informational boards while also providing for the general upkeep of the area through cleaning activities.

For the year of 2016 we want to continue improving people’s lives by bridging the gap between their needs and their resources. From simple, but important initiatives to comprehensive programs, we want to continue to make a difference. This has been and will continue to only be possible with the support of our partners and our kindhearted donors.

Whether you work at or with Kronospan, or with one of our partners – Thank you! You have been instrumental in helping us fulfill our goals this past year.



Oana Bodea
President of the Kronospan Foundation