Tâmpa Mountain Sanctuary – 2015 Campaign

Kronospan Foundation’s 2% campaign 2015 will support the Metropolitan Agency of Brasov (Romania) in the restoration of the infrastructure and general valorisation of the natural patrimony of the Tampa Mountain Sanctuary.

Through this year’s project the Kronospan Foundation does not only want to support the restoration of the resort financially, but wants to draw attention to the importance of the Tampa Mountain Sanctuary to the city of Brasov. This integral natural resort adds immense value to the city and enriches the community in general. Braşov is known as the “city at the foot of the Tâmpa”, one of the few cities globally which is entirely encompassed by a naturally protected area.

The Tâmpa Mountain has enjoyed the status of nature reserve since 1962. In 2000 it was declared a reserve of national interest and since 2007 it has been a site of community importance. The sanctuary consists of an area of 214 hectares and belongs to the Natura 2000 network, the European network of nature protected areas.

Every donor can help to make a change. With each filled-in form to give support to this campaign, Tampa Mountain will flourish again, flora and fauna will be protected and history will reveal itself. We will ensure that the touristic infrastructure on the mountain is given for the community and each donation will ensure that there will be new benches on trails, general cleaning of the area and installations of new informational boards. And because Kronospan Foundation believes in this project and its importance so strongly, we will double the funds raised by this year’s campaign at the end of the year.

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