This is happening now

The situation in Ukraine is
a humanitarian catastrophe.

So many things are taken for granted in today’s world. Perhaps it is difficult, from the safety of our homes, to truly perceive the drama that people in Ukraine are going through these days.

Sirens, bombs, planes crashing, these are now the sounds of spring in Ukraine.

People leave their homes, children are left without parents, women see their husbands, brothers or fathers, maybe for the last time.

Kronospan has committed to develop business in Ukraine and now Ukrainians need our help and support.

It will be a mission for the next 5 to 10 years.

€ 1.1 MM

donated so far

“City of Goodness” received funding to continue and develop its activities to offer shelter for: children in crisis situations, relocated orphanages, children under palliative care.

Kovcheh” Children’s Center received funding to provide shelter for children without parental care and to provide food and other humanitarian aid to people affected by the military actions in Ukraine, including to relocated people

They need your help
and they need it now!

Kronospan has organized a warehouse on the Poland-Ukraine border in Hrubieszów and has opened a green coridor in Novovolynsk to supply humanitarian aid.

The Ukrainian Kronospan team is organizing daily humanitarian deliveries of what and where it is needed via the green channel.

The distribution of humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine is exclusively organized by the state authorities.

Your donations are essential!

We will continue to send food supplies, clothing, medical equipment and everything needed to survive the war for as long as people suffer in Ukraine. A special focus of our activity is the support given to children from orphan houses and boarding schools which were relocated from the regions affected by the military actions.

The most affected regions are – Sumy region, Kharkiv region, Donetsk region, Lugansk region, Mykolaiv region, Chernigiv region, Zhytomyr region, Kherson region, Kyiv region.

We are offering different options of how to help together:


Purchase goods and transfer them to the nearest Kronospan and Kronospan will organize transport to the warehouse in Hrubieszów.

Contact person
Florina Anca;
phone: +40 733 102 604


Purchase goods and transfer them to the Kronospan Hrubieszów warehouse in Poland on the Ukrainian

PRYZMAT Walery Sulewski, Mirosław Sulewski spółka komandytowa ul. Nowa 106A, 22-500 Hrubieszów



Conclude donation contract via Kronospan Foundation and Kronospan team will organize necessary purchases and deliver them to Ukraine via the green channel


Florina Anca;
phone: +40 733 102 604
Anca Marin;
phone: +40 730 015 055

After you fill in the blanks, please print and sign the documents in 2 (two) originals and send them to the address below:

The Kronospan Foundation

1st Strunga Mieilor Street 500482,

Brasov Romania

We thank all our partners, donors & sponsors!