Open Your Heart Charity Gala

About the project

  • The “Open Your Heart Charity Gala” is an annual charity ball organized by the Kronospan Foundation. Each year the Kronospan Foundation promotes a different cause that contributes towards its mission.

To date, the beneficiaries of the charity event have been

Supporting community causes since 2011

2022 - Donate color to our schools

In 2022, the 11th edition of the "Open your heart!" Charity Gala, continued Kronospan Foundation’s tradition to involve in the development of local communities. Thus, the Kronospan Foundation will support for one year, 2 local schools from Brasov and Alba county with all the necessary materials to carry out a pedagogical act unrestricted technologically or functionally. Support will consist of complete renovation of these schools both externally and internally, as well as equipping the laboratories with modern working techniques. The 2 schools that will benefit from support are: "Ion Pop Reteganul" Secondary School, Sâncel, Alba and "Petru Rareș" High School, Feldioara, Brașov.

Under the slogan "Donate color to our schools", the members of the Brașov and Sebeș communities once again said a resolute YES to the proposal to grant aid and together, they donated 337,000 lei for the two educational institutions.

2020 - Anniversary Edition to support the educational system in Brașov & Sebeș

The 10th Edition of the “Open Your Heart!” Charity Gala newly reasserted Kronospan Foundation’s commitment towards the communities where it operates. 2020 was a year of uncertainty and challenge when the problems in the education system and the unequal access to education that some of the students face surfaced. Kronospan Foundation wanted to help those who continued to obtain good academic results, despite the fact that they did not hold the equipment required for the online courses. In December 2020, more than 200 guests attended the online event, and the amount of RON 282,000 was raised to support students in continuing their primary, secondary and high school studies. One hundred children and young people from the counties of Brasov and Alba received laptops and school stationery sets, the Foundation encouraging and being actively involved in the education of young generations.

2019 - Find your place in the city

The “Open Your Heart!” Charity Gala, 2019 edition, was hosted on 06.12.2019 by Hotel Allegria, Sebeş. The event wrote a new story about our communities from Brasov and Sebes. The guests were invited to learn together to see the potential of regeneration around us and to transform what is good into something extraordinary in our cities.

In Brașov, the winning project was presented by the Amural Association. Under this project an industrial space will be renovated and arranged for the development of a space that will contain an academy, an accelerator and work and practice spaces in the creative fields.

In Sebeș, the project of the Local Initiative Group Sebeș has been designated the winner. The project proposed the refurbishment and revitalization of Mihai Viteazu Square, an urban area with great historical and community relevance.

2018 - T Zero

On 16.11.2018, Brașov Business Park was the host of the “Open Your Heart!” Charity Gala, 2018 edition. The story of this year’s Gala was a crossing point between tradition and future. It was a bridging time, when we highlighted old things through new people and new ideas. We called it T Zero – a symbol of the beginning, but also of the perfect balance. On the event evening, tradition made sure that future has a chance. We wanted to celebrate 100 years of Romania in a manner which honours the past and opens the door for the future. Special thanks to all our Partners! Kron Tour, Brașov Business Park, Opera Brașov, Predețeanu & Partners, Grindesign, Euro Educational, Le sommelier, Prato, Eventeve, Ramada Brașov, Transilvania Art Gallery, Fantasy Dance, Cora Trade Center, Avanti.

2017 - “Braşov Children’s Hospital” Foundation

Open Your Heart!” Charity Gala, the 2017 edition, was hosted on 10.11.2017 by Hotel Kronwell, Braşov. The guests restated the commitment of the community to a project of a wide regional interest: the improvement to the highest medical standards of the fittings of the Children Hospital of Braşov by refurbishing and fitting the central sterilisation station with equipment.

The host of the event was Melania Medeleanu and the invitation to hit the dance floor was made by Haydn Deane & His Big Band. The evening was filled with special moments offered by actors of the National Radu Stanca Theatre of Sibiu, Kamerata Kronstadt, Analia Selis and the dancers of the Fantasy Dance Club of Sibiu.

Anyone interested could buy within the open auction paintings which had been donated by renowned artists and other surprise packages. Everybody who bought an auctioned item received a gift by Marie Nouvelle and the highest bidder received a voucher at the guest house The Machine House, Zăbala.

We thank all partners of the event!

Brașov Opera, Hotel Kronwell, Radu Stanca National Theatre Sibiu, Numis Med, Sanosan, Grindesign, Euro Educational, Fantasy Dance Sibiu, Le sommelier, Cora Trade Center, DBO, Kiki Dumitrescu, Marie Nouvelle, Transylvania Art Gallery.

2016 - Sebeș Technological High School

The “Open Your Heart!” Charity Gala, 2016 edition, was hosted on 18.11.2015 by Hotel Allegria, Sebeş.

The event continued the initiative from 2015, by which we set out together with our partners to show that “Trades are trendy!”, by supporting the development of the vocational education in Romania, respectively by refurbishing and fitting the workshops of the Technological High School Sebeş with machinery.

The host of the event was Melania Medeleanu and the invitation to hit the dance floor was made by Haydn Deane & His Big Band. The evening was filled with special moments offered by the Magician Robert Tudor, the dancers of the Fantasy Dance Club Sibiu and Très Bon. A special experience was the open auction performed by Adina Matei, an auction commissioner of the Artmark Galleries. Anyone interested could buy paintings which had been donated by renowned artists and other surprise packages. Everybody who bought an auctioned item, received a gift by Marie Nouvelle and the highest bidder received a voucher at Castel Daniel.

2015 - Sebeș Technological High School

The “Open Your Heart!” Charity Gala, 2015 edition, was hosted on 06.11.2015 by Hotel Mer, Sebeş.

This year we set out to bring a fresh, modern and attractive perspective on the vocational education in Romania and to show everybody that “Trades are trendy!”. Now, for the first time after a long time, learning a trade is again a priority for the young generations, who are aware of the benefits of developing specific practical skills.

The guests enjoyed a special programme, with a lot of surprises. The host of the evening was Dana Savuică-Stanciu and the artistic performances were delivered by Octavian Ioan Pîrlea (violin), Gabriela Neagu (“Radu Stanca” National Theatre Sibiu) and Bogdan Olteanu. Haydn Deane & His Big Band and the dancers of the Fantasy Dance Sibiu club created an unforgettable atmosphere through their music and dance performances.

Within the open auction the guests purchased paintings donated by renowned artists, jewels and other surprise packages and at the end they received special gifts from Très Bon.

2014 - The “Crystal Children” Association

In 2014 the Kronospan Foundation supported the activity of the Crystal Children Association in Braşov and of the Must! Association in Sebeş, Romania. The associations provide support and dedicated therapy to people diagnosed with autism and autism spectrum disorders. Both Crystal Children and Must! Association are in dire need of a specialized treatment room in which therapists can perform sense stimulating activities to improve sight, hearing, smell and touch of patients affected with severe sensorial injuries and neurological disorders.

To support and gather funds for this cause, the Kronospan Foundation and the Opera of Brasov held the “Open Your Heart!” Charity Gala, hosted by Hotel Kronwell, in Brasov. At the gala the guests were treated to a special program with a mix of opera, magic and dance performances. The highlight of the evening however, was surely the open charity auction, in which, through the generous support of the guests, the funds were raised to support the Crystal Children and Must! Association in acquiring their sensor rooms. Later in the evening “Haydn Deane and His Big Band” provided musical entertainment, prompting the guests to enjoy and dance the night away.

2013 - The Braşov Philharmonic Orchestra

In 2013, the Kronospan Foundation Charity Gala was held for the benefit of the Brasov Philharmonic Orchestra. Throughout the year funds were raised to acquire a new piano for the orchestra, running various media campaigns focused on the importance of the orchestra to Brasov’s cultural importance.

Numerous representatives of the local business and political community attended the event and contributed to the cause by purchasing several artworks which were auctioned off during the evening.

2012 – “Braşov Children’s Hospital” Foundation and Sebeş Municipal Hospital, Pediatrics Department

In 2012, the Kronospan Foundation’s Charity Gala was held for the benefit of the Children’s Hospitals in Brasov and Sebes. After a year-long campaign of raising awareness towards the cause, the even focused on reuniting all national and regional sponsors as well as partners of the Kronospan Foundation.

The core of the gala was an auction held in order to raise the necessary funds for the project while promoting the art work of promising local Romanian artists.

At the Kronospan Foundation, we constantly work with our partners to reduce the incidence of early medical disabilities of all sorts in children. We strive to ensure that mothers and their children get the benefit of the most modern diagnostic equipment which allow for prompt and optimal treatment.

2011 - “Hospice Casa Sperantei” Foundation

In 2011, the first “Open Your Heart” Charity Gala was held for the benefit of “Casa Speantei”, a private hospice in Brasov that delivers palliative care services for patients with terminal illnesses.

Throughout the evening artwork by both artists as well as by the patients themselves were auctioned off, raising funds to support the educational day care program of the hospice.