Open Your Heart Charity Gala 2016

The “Open Your Heart!” Charity Gala, 2016 edition, was hosted on 18.11.2015 by Hotel Allegria, Sebeş.

The event continued the initiative from 2015, by which we set out together with our partners to show that “Trades are trendy!”, by supporting the development of the vocational education in Romania, respectively by refurbishing and fitting the workshops of the Technological High School Sebeş with machinery.

The host of the event was Melania Medeleanu and the invitation to hit the dance floor was made by Haydn Deane & His Big Band. The evening was filled with special moments offered by the Magician Robert Tudor, the dancers of the Fantasy Dance Club Sibiu and Très Bon. A special experience was the open auction performed by Adina Matei, an auction commissioner of the Artmark Galleries. Anyone interested could buy paintings which had been donated by renowned artists and other surprise packages. Everybody who bought an auctioned item, received a gift by Marie Nouvelle and the highest bidder received a voucher at Castel Daniel.