About the project

  • Ludikum is a programme of complementary education in Romania by which memory, concentration and dexterity abilities of children are supported and developed. It was created for 4 – 5 year olds from all kindergartens of the city and district of Brasov. With this programme children learn in a playful way how to be more attentive and concentrated, laying the foundation for a successful school career.

    The Kronospan Foundation supported Ludikum with the organization of a tournament in February and March 2013, which saw over 100 participating children and resulted in very satisfied as well as amazed parents. One mother told us that “My son sees this programme as interesting and instructional, but most importantly it means fun and games for him. However, I can see that it helps him structure his thinking and train his attention and concentration, an effect that is important to his character development.”

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