About the project

  • Starting from 2021, the motto “Let’s plant the future together!” will bring together our efforts in a new project – GROW. GROW symbolizes the investment in the future of the communities and states a message of long- term vision and commitment. Through GROW, we want to reiterate our care for nature, as well as enhancing awareness and cooperation between our company and the communities we live in.


    The Kronospan employees and volunteers from all over the world will join forces to plant 1 million trees worldwide. The afforestation activities will be organised throughout this year, in spring (April/May) and autumn (September/October). The project will be implemented in stages, at least until the goal to plant 1 million trees is reached and it will involve local communities and voluntaries.

    22 countries from all around the world joined the project: Belgium, Belorussia, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Poland , Romania, Russia  , Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, U.S.A.

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Our colleagues from Kronospan Bulgaria together with the State Forestry Rosica and several volunteers planted 14.000 trees on April 10th. The first planting in the area was made in 1955.
Thank you all for supporting GROW!


The City of Bjelovar and Kronospan CRO d.o.o. started the implementation of GROW in Croatia. They will plant together 1.180 tree seedlings on the streets of Bjelovar, to create a promenade area in the city. The planting of the first 180 seedlings of the fast-growing black alder tree (Alnus glutinosa) started on April 12th, in Pakračka Street. The rest of the trees will be planted in the autumn of this year and the spring of next year.
Thank you all for supporting GROW!

Czech Republic

GROW Czech Republic
13.400 trees were planted in Jihlava area Henčov, Rytířsko in October with the help of students from Elementary school Demlova, Elementary school Havlíčkova, Elementary school Křížová, Secondary higher vocational school Jihlava and Private grammar school AD FONTES.
Thank you all for supporting GROW!


GROW Italy
81 trees were planted in Comune di Valvasone Arzene by students from the middle school, oficialities and a Kronospan team.
Thank you all for supporting GROW!


97000 trees were planted all over Poland with the joined effort of over 1800 particpants (volunteers, Kronospan employees, state authorities).

Mielec, Jaslo, Bielice, Strzelce Opolskie, Dobroszyce, Szczecin, Poznan, Rudawa, Rytel, Szczecinek are the cities who joined the project so far.

The trees were planted in: Forest Inspectorate of Mielec, Szydlowiec; Bierowka near Jaslo; Repository of Kronospan in Bielice; Forest Inspectorate of Strzelce Opolskie; Forestry of Gola Wielka; Szczecin Urban Forests; Forestry of Konstantynowo; Forestry of Prudnik; Forestry of  Rytel; Forestry of Szczecinek; Spore Forest District.

Thank you all for supporting GROW!








Strzelce Opolskie


Szczecinek - KronoDrzewko2021

Szczecinek - Przedszkole


Our GROW project took its first step today in Sebes, Romania! Over 23.000 trees will start growing on the alignment of the exploitation road of the former landfill in the North East part of Sebes Municipality.
A big thank you to all the volunteers and our partners who joined the project!



On September 25th GROW continued in Russia. Colleagues from 4 production sites: Kronospan Egorievsk and Elektrogorsk in Moscow region, Kronospan Lyudinovo in Kaluga region, and Kronospan Bashkortostan in Ufa participated in the activity.
In total, 15.000 seedlings were planted on more than 3 Ha.
Almost 200 people took part in the event, including company employees with their families and children, children from schools of the region with attendants and forestry representatives.

Thank you all for supporting GROW!


On April 20th, KRONOSPAN, s.r.o., Zvolen took their first step to support GROW. In cooperation with municipality of Dobrá Niva and Municipal forests of Dobrá Niva, the employees of our company took part in afforestation activity and they planted a total of 10 000 beech seedlings.
A big thank you goes to all volunteers and partners who participated in this project!


30.000 new trees started to GROW in Burgos, Spain on a 25ha field offered for this project by the local army. The afforestation activities were carried out in October by children from a local school and employees from Kronospan Spain and their families, together with army representatives.
Thank you all for supporting GROW!


Despite rainy weather, on April 17th, the Kronospan UA team planted ca.2 hectares of the forest area 35 km from Novovolynsk with ca.16 000 pcs of pine and larch seedlings.
Thank you all for joining the project!


Steven Fuller (Kronospan) meets with Mr. Patrick Talley of Munford High and representatives from the U.S. Forestry Service to select a site(s) for the Kronospan Foundation's Project GROW.
Thank for the support to our community partners - Mr. Talley, Kimberly Murray, and Munford schools!