Architecture Competition

About the project

  • Theme

    The theme is an “Energy-efficient home” that provides a cosy interior climate during summer and winter, without the need for a conventional heating source. Energy-efficient houses are houses using architecture, insulation and heating/electricity sources that are as efficient as possible.  The purpose is to find various construction solutions, as well as construction materials and systems which define a sustainable house that is responsible towards the natural and built environment.


    The main function of the building is that of a home. The gross floor area may vary between 100-120 square meters. As concerns the height of the building, it may have a ground floor and an attic.  The spatial development may allow the design of split-levels/attics, provided that all safety requirements are fulfilled.


    The structure of the home must be modular and may be designed using any solution based on timber. The foundation, support and setting solutions must consider the component of spatial flexibility (the possibility to change the site).


    Through an expressive and complex architectural language, the home may be a landmark in the built environment. The benefits which the architectural solution may bring are reflected in the construction details and used materials.

Technical Commission

  • Horia Petran – expert in energy-efficiency, INCERC Bucharest
  • Andrei Ceclan – expert in energy-efficiency, University of Cluj-Napoca
  • Architect Miklos Kollo – Larix Studio, Miercurea Ciuc
  • Architect Dragoș Oprea – Exhibit Arhitectura, Brașov
  • Architect Biborka Bartha – representative of Kronospan


  • Architect Șerban Țigănaș – Chairman of the Order of Architects from Romania
  • Architect Dorin Beu – Manager of the Romanian Green Building Council
  • Architect Biborka Bartha – representative of Kronospan
  • 2 foreign internationally renowned architects that will be announced later


  • 5 nominees of EUR 1,000 each
  • Grand Prize – EUR 5,000

The winner