About the school

About the school

The Secondary vocational school (SOŠ) of wood processing was created as a Single-year State School of Wood Processing and Cutting in 1922 in Liptovsky Hradok, Slovakia. Since 1962 the school is located in Zvolen and operates as a vocational school focused on wood processing and furniture manufacturing fields for the wood processing industry.

SOŠ is a member of Association of Wood Processors of SR, Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry and it cooperates with the Slovak Craft Industry Chamber and Technical University in Zvolen. Additionally, through a strong corporation with the manufacturing sector, SOŠ aims to improve the quality of vocational education as well as to alleviate the access to job opportunities for graduates of the school.

SOŠ has been rewarded 2nd place in the regional ranking of the Slovak Government Office judging quality of secondary education for employers. Additionally it is ranked among the top schools in Slovakia (14th place).

SOŠ is a center of vocational education and development in Zvolen. Located on one campus you will find the school, spacious workrooms and a comfortable boarding home. To complement the high level of theoretical as well as practical education taught at SOŠ, you will find ICT equipment and specialized classrooms equipped with hardware and software in accordance with the specialized fields of study (TurboCad, Dietrich’s, SEMA, Cinema4D, progeSOFT).

Currently, in the school year 2015/2016, there are 401 students enrolled at the school in 20 classrooms and 5 study fields being taught by 40 teachers.

To find out more about SOŠ please visit: sosdrev.edupage.org/