2019 – Find your place in the city!

The “Open Your Heart!” Charity Gala, 2019 edition, was hosted on 06.12.2019 by Hotel Allegria, Sebeş. The event wrote a new story about our communities from Brasov and Sebes. The guests were invited to learn together to see the potential of regeneration around us and to transform what is good into something extraordinary in our cities.


In Brașov, the winning project was presented by the Amural Association. Under this project an industrial space will be renovated and arranged for the development of a space that will contain an academy, an accelerator and work and practice spaces in the creative fields.

In Sebeș, the project of the Local Initiative Group Sebeș has been designated the winner. The project proposed the refurbishment and revitalization of Mihai Viteazu Square, an urban area with great historical and community relevance.