2018 – T Zero

On 16.11.2018, Brașov Business Park was the host of the “Open Your Heart!” Charity Gala, 2018 edition. The story of this year’s Gala was a crossing point between tradition and future. It was a bridging time, when we highlighted old things through new people and new ideas. We called it T Zero – a symbol of the beginning, but also of the perfect balance. On the event evening, tradition made sure that future has a chance. We wanted to celebrate 100 years of Romania in a manner which honours the past and opens the door for the future. Special thanks to all our Partners! Kron Tour, Brașov Business Park, Opera Brașov, Predețeanu & Partners, Grindesign, Euro Educational, Le sommelier, Prato, Eventeve, Ramada Brașov, Transilvania Art Gallery, Fantasy Dance, Cora Trade Center, Avanti