“A City, a New Concert Hall, a Piano” Campaign – 2013

Starting with the 2013-2014 season, the Brasov Philharmonic Orchestra opened their new concert hall. However, for the performances to take place in the best conditions the Orchestra needed a new concert piano in order to complete the story they delighted us with for over a century now.

The Kronospan Foundation decided to support the Brasov Philharmonic Orchestra through the acquisition of a new piano. The first step was the 2% campaign, which helped partially raise the amount needed for purchasing the piano.

Throughout the year the Foundation ran a media campaign which was meant to familiarize the local community to the cause and to educate them on the cultural importance of having a professional orchestra in the city. After purchasing the new piano for the Philharmonic Orchestra, the old one was donated to the School of Music in Brasov, putting it to good use by supporting the future generation of talented artists.