The Kronospan Scholarship provides the opportunity for talented young people from disadvantaged families in Central and Eastern Europe to gain a Bachelor’s degree, funded by Kronospan, at the top-ranking entrepreneurial university, Babson College, USA. Throughout their time at Babson, the Kronospan Scholars are not only taught to think entrepreneurially and how to put their thoughts into action, but are also able to apply their knowledge during internships throughout the Kronospan world. After four years, the scholars receive a BSc degree in Business Administration with a concentration of their choosing.
The 2016/17 application cycle for the coveted scholarship was special in many ways; not only did the number of applications increase substantially, but the approach to the selection process was also adapted to involve more personal time with the candidates. Recruiting activities were kicked off with Road Shows in the chosen focus countries, where the students not only received an in-depth presentation on Babson and its curriculum but also got to speak with Kronospan Foundation representatives. After a round of interviews, selected candidates went on to participate in Micro Labs, where they got a first glimpse of Kronospan and were involved in numerous exercises encouraging them to speak out and present their personalities.
Anna’s journey to become a Kronospan Scholar started with just an internet search….
“As I started to think about my future educational career, I understood that the knowledge and skills I want to get are unfortunately not taught at any traditional university in Ukraine. I did research about any educational opportunities available, and at one point the Kronospan Scholarship popped up. I was absolutely thrilled by the possibility of my dream coming true of studying in the United States, so I did not hesitate with my application.

The application process was very demanding, but that is what you kind of expect when such golden chances are coming your way. I knew from the beginning that I will put my best in every aspect of it. As part of the selection process the travels to Riga and Prague for the first time were very exciting for me, but I was even more delighted to meet other participants from all over Europe. We had a blast exploring the factory in Riga, as well as sharing our own cultures and views.

Mere words can barely describe my feelings when I got the news about the final decision. I literally cried tears of joy and felt extremely happy to be set off to this unbelievable journey of pursuing my dream career. I will be forever grateful to Kronospan Foundation, sponsors, Babson College, and everyone else who made this possible. I sincerely believe that Babson College is s tremendous place for me to reach my potential, to grow and learn over the next four years, as well as a place I could contribute to my passion, leadership, and hard work. I will take the most out of this chance and prove that I indeed deserve to be a Kronospan Scholar!”

Anna will start her studies at Babson in August 2017