Current Kronospan Scholars


Name: Daniel Gasperowicz
Home Country: Poland
Grade at Babson September 2016: Freshman
Areas of Interest: Math and Analytics
Interesting Fact: As a child he used to solve Math problems and logic puzzles found in newspapers and science magazines

“I can’t wait to enroll at Babson. I am sure that my interest in numbers and analytical mind will be the key to my success. I dream of bringing the ideas and entrepreneurial training I will learn at Babson back to Poland. I can achieve that thanks to the Kronospan Scholarship. That’s why there are no words which can express my gratitude to the Kronospan Foundation for having selected me as the next scholar. I will do my utmost to seize this opportunity and prove that I was the right choice.”

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Name: Hai Péter Pham
Home Country: Hungary
Grade at Babson September 2016: Sophomore
Areas of Interest: Finance and Economics
Interesting Fact: Peter comes from a multi-cultural family, his father is Vietnamese and his mother is Hungarian

“My experience at Babson has been a life-changing one. Being in an international environment, surrounded by ambitious and tremendously talented people has opened up my eyes to a completely new world. I have friends from all over the globe now and all the classes I’m taking are interesting and stimulate a new way of thinking for me.”


Name: Lizaveta (Lisa) Litvinava
Home Country: Belarus
Grade at Babson September 2016: Junior
Areas of Interest: Business Management
Interesting Fact: Lisa speaks Mandarin and is taking additional classes at Babson to perfect her skill

“During my previous semester at Babson, I have discovered many new opportunities for my future career and personal development. One of the most appealing to me is a Global Business Management concentration. I strongly believe that the world does not just center around money, but I believe in the power of relationships between people. For that reason, in our modern and diverse world, it is significantly important to be a culturally aware and educated business person as well as a caring and well-rounded human being.”


Name: Kamil Altıntaşoğlu
Home Country: Romania and Turkey
Grade at Babson September 2016: Senior
Areas of Interest: Finance and Sales
Interesting Fact: Kamil has learnt Portuguese at Babson and spent his summer break last year working in a start-up company in Brazil

“Babson has taught me that learning from some of the most brilliant and accomplished faculty in the world and alongside remarkably industrious peers rapidly improves one’s ability to understand new topics. Applying the concepts learned in the classroom to real-life contexts in internships with Kronospan ensures that what one learns turns into second nature.”